About us

Keystone.no is an innovative software company based out of Norway. For the last 10 years we have been developing software from an operational point of view. Our goal is to have products that eliminates manual user input by using a step by step process to automize your operation. Focusing on logistic, asset and personnel management we create business resilience together with our clients. Delivering the correct data, at the right step in the supply chain is key for success.

We Deliver

Operational software that makes your business more efficient, competitive and reliable when it comes to operational software solutions. We have products for planning, asset and operational management and all the way to handle continuously improvement. To solve the challenges for our clients, we develop and deliver our SaaS service and have a proactive support team collaborating with all of our users ensuring optional use of our products.


Our business module have given a proven efficiency to our clients in various industries through digitalization of their operations. We truly liberate data for our clients, and makes your business more efficient and digital.

We support our clients toward fully digital operational-planning, asset management and logistics process along with improvement applications. With our products you can minimize interruptions or holdups in your operations due to poor planning and utilization of assets.

We deliver products for cost-efficient operations and higher utilization of assets, or as we say “Operation made easy”.

Technical Specialist

Ira O. Garcia

Ira is our go to girl when it comes to integration toward external systems. Ira is a natural problem solver, with the ability to think both inside and outside of the box.

Software Manager – Tools and Improve

Arne A. Ording

With more then 10+ years for within software applications, Arne is responsible for development, roadmap and software delivery in Keystone for the Tools and Improve application

Customer Services Manager

Rita S. Presttun

With more than 10+ years in customer services positions, Rita is responsible for all clients throughout the lifetime at Keystone


Audun Schibevaag

Responsible for the company and with more then 10+ years in the oil and gas and various industry, Bjørn Audun is managing the team and strategy for the company.

Technical Specialist

Åsmund Landa Wold

With a can do attitude and a smile Åsmund is guiding our clients across our software platform on a daily basis. Handling both initial training, implementation, guidance and daily support.

Global Sales Manager

Ole Fredrik Bergseth

With more then 10+ years in software sales and development, Ole Fredrik is responsible for all direct and partnership sales for Keystone globally

Sales Trainee

Petter Olsen Haukali

Petter is our latest addition to the team, currently undergoing an intensive Trainee program. Known as a flamboyant midfielder, we expect Petter to in time tackle any challenges given to him and pass it on to our technical department.

Lead Consultant

Øyvind H. Torseth

Øyvind has more than 10 years working as a link between IT and Business. He contributes to our team with his excellent architectural skills, implementation know how and his positive demeanor.

Head of Product

Jan Isaachsen

With more than 10 years of product management in industry software Jan is responsible for Business Development and Product Management for the Bridge Software.

Become a part of our team!

Become a part of our team!

We are always looking for new team members to join our growth within new and current clients. Send us a application to see if you are the next keystone member.

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We would always like to hear from you if there are an interest to our products, Company or just curries on what we do. Don’t hesitate, just write to us 
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