Bridge is our bundle of applications on top of our Bridge platform specialized for planning and operations in complex environments on land and sea. This software bundle can be used stand alone, or you can pick your preferable modules to suit your business. All applications run on our Bridge platform which enables true liberation of data and is often used as the Master data-service in the organization for sharing, collaborating and distributing data. Modules in the software bundle handles:

  • Operational time planning
  • Equipment planning
  • Personnel planning
  • Lane Operation
  • Look Ahead (daily report)
  • Detailed Action Plan
  • Asset Management
  • Master data-service system
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It all starts with generating an operational time plan or automatically import your budget and time estimations and settle them into a structured timeline where future resources like equipment and personnel can be added. We use machine learning to make system smarter as time and data is added. System connects to our Bridge platform, and makes it possible for you to add report codes to automize daily reporting.

We add structure to all phases, activities and tasks on Multiple levels along with required equipment and personnel. Lane Operation is used for a smother handling of the activities for your operational crew. By having a operational time plan in a fully digital and agile software any changes and updates are handled in a dynamic and fully digital structure ensuring less manual input and step by step eliminating manual errors.

We set the standard for the next generation software ensuring that your plan is up to date, integrations are handled, and contentious improvements are a part of day to day operations.

Our Bridge software consists of the following Modules that can operate as a full solution or a standalone application:

Operational Time Plan

gives a dynamic overview for your plan. Build it yourself in our system or import from any other system you might have. Even excel spreadsheets can be imported directly and structured to your process.  Multiple users can work simultaneously. We ensure that data is not lost. Change your plan, add new activities or tasks, or run parallel activities on multiple areas without loosing control of time or overview. Connect equipment planning or personnel plans to your activities, and our system will make sure your logistics department is notified of any change or delay.

The Operational Time plan module is part of Bridge platform, and you can connect and transfer vital plan information and changes like new activities, time delays or any plan changes to other systems to ensure that everyone is notified og changes and to enable an automated process.

Personnel planning

is often an essential part of the operation, and it is important to keep track of the main crew along with the specialist needed for the individual tasks or equipment. Send requirements to your suppliers and add them to the plan. When the plan moves or changes, your suppliers will know of the updated schedule directly and can reallocate and plan according to the new information. Personnel planning keeps you informed and a lean flow of information is given to all involved parties.

Equipment planning

Equipment planning

(also called Master Equipment list) keeps track of your equipment requirements for the operation with a direct connection to the individual task or activity. Send requirements to your suppliers via mail or connect to the Bridge platform through our public APIs to mimimize point to point integrations. Communicate digitally on requirements of resources in your operation to all suppliers. Ask for documentation, drawings and serial numbers or other digital information you may need in your day to day operation. This ensure true liberation of data instead of having multiple copies of the same data. The Equipment planning module is part of Bridge platform, and you can connect and transfer vital equipment information like “grip areas”, dimensions etc in a structured way to any automated process or robot system to automated your data flow.

The Bridge Platfrom

The Bridge platform has its own Master data-service system. This system can be used to orchestrate your process flow or report/cost codes. It also enables true liberation of data, meaning you reduce the number of “point to point” integrations in your company software structure. This Master data-service system is in short divided into 5 parts:

  • Machine learning
  • Global ID
  • Version control
  • Data storage
  • Integration module

Reporting and cost codes are an important part of the operation  and easily forgotten or tricky to maintain in an day to day operational environment. Add these to the Global ID system and you can use them in our applications, or share them with other systems to get true liberation of your data. Our module for this enables all plans in the systems to be tagged with the correct codes for easy reporting and cost tracking. Use your companies code structure or a generic industry code set to automate sharing.

Lane Operation is a visual module for your operation where the activities are stacked in different lanes or paths. All activities (critical, offline or online) can be planned and visualized in this smart graphical overview safeguarding that your main objectives and that alternative operations don’t impact on the critical path you have chosen. Reduce downtime due to poor planning or unforeseen incidents and have control of parallel activities.

Detailed Action Plan will give your crew or machine a full overview of the next steps and procedures for the operation in a digital format with documentation, descriptions and checklists to follow ensuring that that all actions on site is according to required process or procedure.

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