InformatiQ and Keystone, two fast-growing innovative companies, are now partnering up to connect their applications to further enhance and improve our customer operations.


With its Backbone service, Keystone has a unique opportunity to connect software vendors to an ecosystem that ensures flow and interaction between the various systems.

InformatiQ with its applications GeologiQ, Z-portal and LogistiQ is now taking the step to become part of this ecosystem. In the first round, InformatiQ’s software will be connected to Keystone’s solutions; Timeplanner, Rig Action Plan and Master Equipment List via the collaboration platform Backbone.


In order to maximize the extraction of value in a digitization process, our customers depend on data flowing seamlessly between systems, so that the processes are simplified and the end result is improved.

We strongly believe that collaboration is better than competition to maximize value creation for the customer and ourselves. Through joint collaboration with one of the largest operators on the Norwegian continental shelf, we see that results are already materializing, says Audun Schibevaag, CEO of Keystone and Ulf Vegard Jensen, CEO of InformatiQ. The collaborative project has been named KEY_OPERATIONS.