Our Asset, Lifecycle and logistics software solution Tools is a SaaS solution providing our customers with a full operation software. The software is a module/role-based where individual users have a personal view for relevant day-to-day activities.

The Software revolves around the warehouse functionality and with main warehouse location, remote locations, Rig/Vessels and project sites. On top of this we have multiple processes that enable a smooth operation and handle various processes that your business handles daily. Reducing the need for manual side systems / notifications and increase the quality, accuracy and speed in the organisation using the system. 3 party users and systems can also be involved as a user or through integrations. An external user will only be granted access to modules needed to perform his/her tasks. This ensures that you have control and maximize your benefit in a general unstructured digital landscape with different objectives and business cases. Our Tools Software have multiple modules and we highly recommend a demo if your business need an easier way of handling your logistical and asset management operation.

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is a central part of the solution, with items, lifting equipment, accessories or assemblies structured with all relevant information associated to the object. The object itself become smart with alarms for maintenance, minimum amount thresholds, cross organization identification and built in QR and RFID identification. The Warehouse module is built so that our customers can have multiple warehouses, remote locations, project sites and rig locations down to shelf structure to have a full overview on your inventory. This ensuring that the user has all relevant information in one place.


our module for handling all objects that are bound for a project, sales order or rental status. All information is bundled in this module and the user have a full overview on current and historic tools that have been associated with relevant information and documentation. Share the information with your client directly form the module. Even book transportation in the Logistics app and order more tools from the warehouse via the request tools to project feature.

Maintenance & Inspection

module is a workplace for our team to handle all of your equipment that is bound for a service. The Equipment itself can carry predefined documents and digital checklist inside the module for easy use and efficient processing of the equipment and Realtime updated documentation and certification.

Webstore or Request

module is a easy to use fully process integrated module for ordering equipment both internally in organisations or for your end clients. The selected equipment that are enabled for the webstore view can be ordered directly and the order can view price, documentation, picture and warehouse quantality live in the system along with delivery status and where the equipment is in the supplier chain. This reducing the manual processing of orders and follow-up questions on where the equipment is in the supply chain.

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