Warehouse module – Tools by Keystone

The warehouse module is at the heart of our solution.


This is where all equipment, whether it’s items, accessories, assemblies, lifting equipment, or a combination of all, are structured and maintained.


The equipment itself becomes smart, with alert cycles for maintenance, inspections and certifications, minimum amount thresholds, cross-organisational identification and built-in QR/ RFID/ bar code identification.  

We keep track of all activities conducted on your equipment for easy trackability of your operations, and by using our App functionality, equipment can also be traced to its last known location.

Relevant documentation such as data sheets, instructions, pictures, checklists etc. can be added and will follow your equipment throughout the system.


The module is set up to handle multiple warehouses, remote locations, project sites and rig locations, broken down into shelf structure, ensuring a full overview of your inventory.


All of the above is fully accessible whether it being on a PC, tablet or mobile phone, giving users the opportunity to work just as well remotely, as on-site. 


ASK FOR DEMO.  Petter@Keystone.no